Former BBC Correspondent Mike Sergeant helps people become better communicators.

In recent years, he has delivered media training, presentation training, moderator training and speaker coaching all over the world.

As well as teaching the skills, Mike can also be hired as a speaker, moderator, interviewer and presenter.

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'You are absolutely the best Mike. You have a unique gift that helps people find their own voice and their own way of expression.'
Safia Tmiri, Associate Partner, McKinsey
'Mike Sergeant, more than anyone else, helped me to improve and inspire.'
Carlos Moreno, Chief Growth Officer, Axialent
'Don't book anyone else for media training. Mike has a special talent for brining out the best in the leaders he coaches.'
Nora Hethlain, Marketing and Communications Director




Mike moderates panels and facilitates conferences all over the world. Hear more about the value audiences receive from his hosting.

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Media Training

Media Training

Mike delivers print, broadcast and podcast media training.
Find out more about the benefits of his courses and workshops.

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Speaker Coaching

Speaker Coaching

Mike teaches speaking, presenting and moderating skills to executives at all levels. Find out about his
workshops and 1–1 sessions.

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Finding your presence

Helping you to engage your audiences calmly and professionally

Are you nervous about public speaking? Unsure about the best ways to cut through and stay safe?

Mike loves helping speakers develop confidence and find their potential. His speeches and workshops draw on his experiences in dozens of countries from war zones to Westminster to corporate boardrooms.

About Mike
Helping you to engage your audiences calmly and professionally
'Mike Sergeant is a PR guru. Brilliant advice on getting your message to the people who need to hear it.'
Jeremy Bowen, International Editor, BBC News
'If you get the chance to work with Mike, you should jump at the opportunity.'
Joe Sarling, Policy and Research Director
'Never moderate a panel after Mike Sergeant because it won't be as good.'
Vahe Vartanian, CEO, Global Family Office Community



Can you say what you do in JUST ONE WORD?

Find out how to find the ultimate focus to accelerate your growth.

'Mike wonderfully cuts through the corporate smoke and mirrors.'
Nicola Pearson, Director of Communications, British Airways
'Mike is an inspiring speaker and moderator with the ability to bring any event to life.'
Asma Bashir, Chair, Centuro Global
'Mike Sergeant delivered a brilliant workshop for out Future Female Entrepreneurs. Inspiring!'
Alla Ouvarova, Founder TwoChicks, Future Female Entrepreneurs
Mike Sergeant


Get in touch with Mike to discover how his skills can transform you and your organisation.