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Former BBC Correspondent  Mike Sergeant

Mike Sergeant is a former BBC TV correspondent who helps people become better communicators - giving them clarity and confidence.

Mike’s speeches, workshops and coaching sessions distil the lessons of high impact communication, drawing on his experiences in dozens of countries over 25 years from war zones to Westminster to corporate boardrooms. He works alongside world leading companies. As a journalist, he interviewed CEOs and ministers. Now, as a coach, he advises them. Equally comfortable in TV studios or on stage, Mike is the go to expert on communication.

'Don't book anyone else for media training. Mike has a special talent for bringing out the best in the leaders he coaches.'
Nora Hethlain, Marketing and Communications Director
'Mike Sergeant, more than anyone else, helped me to improve and inspire.'
Carlos Moreno, CEO, DNA International Group
'If you get the chance to work with Mike, you should jump at the opportunity.'
Joe Sarling, Policy and Research Director

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Mike in the media

Mike has been in the spotlight for 25 years.

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Mike Sergeant


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