How do you stay safe in a media interview?

This is how I see public communication. You have a GREEN ZONE. It's what you talk about. It's the safe space. Could be your ideas, insights, announcements. Could be your own story.

There are many potential RED ZONES out there too. They might be controversies (social, political), sensitivities (legal, financial) or other companies (let them speak for themselves).

Your job - in interviews, panels, podcasts - is to know your green zone. It's what you ARE the spokesperson for.


The other stuff - you AREN'T the spokesperson for. So, if it comes up, you confidently and calmly come back to green.

Do you know your green zone?

What does it contain?

Why do you want to talk about those things?

If conversations or interviews veer red, are you confident that you have the techniques to steer back to green?

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Mike Sergeant


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